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Felt the comfort of your body protecting mine. And thank you. Of course. But I cannot say what that meant. It was as mysterious as it was vicious. Thanks to the king's help in advancing my career at uncommon speed, I have acquired an enemy or two in the building trades, to be sure, bucuresti but you... She smiled. I am not important enough to have enemies? So did he. You are not ambitious enough, my love. ~ ~ ~ Tell me of your friend Drogos, she said as they bounced along the approach to the city gate. Drogos? I have not seen him since the day I left Toulouse. What makes you think of him? Just mulling over possibilities. You told me that you and he used to communicate using scytales. I am trying to make any connections that might be made. Drogos a destroyer of holy property? Drogos a killer of innocents? Drogos was more likely applying his politic gifts to taking over the Church, not tearing it down. Vital wouldn't be surprised if he were already in Rome, rising through the Curia, working schemes to ingratiate himself with the pope. The thought struck then that this whole affair might be a scytale of some kind. There must be a message larger than the sum of all the evidence they had seen so far. But he despaired of ever seeing it. The mind itself could not be trusted to see what was put before it, even when evidence was made available. Just as it could not be trusted not to manufacture evidence where none existed. Some days he doubted whether the mind ever truly woke up from the dream-state of nighttime. Moissac, France 12 April 1239 Vital stared down at the text until his eyes watered. He pressed his hands imobiliare bucuresti hard against his temples, hoping to tame the chaos of ideas slithering under, over, and around each other like snakes in a pit. He exhaled his imobiliare bucuresti frustration and tried again, rephrasing each statement and speaking it out loud, listening to its sound in the smoky, candlelit air of the small library. The Catholic faith holds that God the Father begot God the Son. From this, are we to then conclude God begot himself or that He begot some second God? No, logic tells imobiliare bucuresti us both conclusions are false. Firstly, it is known to all that there is only one God; therefore, one God clearly could not beget a second God. Secondly, it is known to all that God is not a thing, and not being a thing, he could not be begotten by any being, himself or anyone else. He slammed the book closed. of the saints! How does anyone make sense of this? One might as well claim red is blue and blue is black and this is that and that is this and all because I said so. How can something be and also not be at the same time? Is it the one, or is it the other? O sad brother, Rixenda said, without looking up from the bookstand at the other end of the small room, where she was admiring an illuminated copy of Virgil's Aeneid. Still believing http://topimobiliarebucuresti.ro/b that university is for you? Our protector is kind and wise, but his scheme to plant you as his advocate among the French overlooks the tiny detail of your calamitous stupidity. Vital snapped himself back to attention and reopened Lombard's Sentences, doubly determined to penetrate the textbook's logic. Perhaps the life of a fuller is what you are meant for, she said. Spending your days with